1. As a recognized Halaal Certified professional business and catering company Myatt Catering offer incredible cuisine for all corporate events events large and small throughout the Western Cape area.

    We create incredible menus that will make any event a truly memorable affair.

Our commitment to quality and exceptional customer service is represented by the menus we’ve created, and we can tailor incredible edibles to meet any specific requirements you have.

We begin by selecting the finest ingredients and prepare innovative and exciting dishes that will tantalise the taste-buds of every guest.

Our personalised Halaal food menu's which include light finger food lunches and snack platters are perfect for your delegates or guests attending company training, conferences, seminars etc.
Take the pressure off and take advantage of our catering services. We deliver and set up only the finest quality foods, savoury or sweet.

Being fully Muslim owned and managed as well as Halaal certified, we cater strictly Halal foods.

Give Them Something Good to Eat! Myatt Catering believes the best macaroons and cakes make great gifts for colleagues, clients, and special guests. Our beautifully decorated Myatt boxes are sized for favours, and fit perfectly in goodie bags!

Looking for custom colours, flavours, and unique macaroon creations for your corporate event?

We have it for you. When ordering quantities greater than 200 macaroons, please place your order at least 5-7 days prior to your desired delivery date. Custom orders require additional lead time.